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Preventing employee & customer health incidents from turning into crises for over 20-years.


Crisis management is a delicate balance.

The best way to avoid a crisis is to prevent it altogether with pre-planning, best practices, and education, but you can never be 100% secure. It's paramount to balance rapid response, transparency, and swift implementation of action plans.
For over 20 years, Zero Hour Health has helped clients effectively navigate foodborne illness outbreaks, violent episodes, employee health issues, workforce problems, and countless other crises to protect their reputations and their bottom line.

Why Choose Zero Hour Health

Rapid Response, Day or Night
24/7 coverage and response means you can start addressing an issue as soon as it happens versus losing valuable time.
Our Reputation Gets Results
Health Departments know the expertise that Zero Hour Health brings which provides them with the confidence that your health incident will be resolved quickly and properly.
Superior Guidance
From bloody bandages to Hep A, we’ve seen it all. We leverage our breadth and depth of experience to help inform your response plan.
Most Up-To-Date & Accurate Information
Your access to information is critical in dealing with any sort of health incident. The sooner and more accurate, the better decisions you can make. Our nationwide team has their pulse the latest news and health incident trends, wherever they may be.

No matter the challenge, we can help.

Zero Hour Health prevents an incident from turning into a health crisis and supports companies across all areas of employee and customer health. Below are the primary services we handle for our clients. But if you have a unique challenge, we have probably dealt with something like it.
- Real Time Alerts
- Proactive Recommendations
- Medical Guidance
- Crisis Plan Development
Incident Resolution
- 24/7 Response
- Rapid Illness Assessment
- Deep Relationships with health departments & the knowledge to resolve quickly.
Crisis Management
- Onsite and offsite clinical services
- Expert knowledge to work through health department
- Local and national media management

Customized ZHH Crisis App for Your Business

We've built a top-notch smartphone app for both iOS and android devices that puts all the tools you need at your finger tips - 24/7.
The app is fully customizable and specific to each client's unique needs, documents, and data.  It allows you to access the full ZHH knowledge base & important documents, report issues, and follow health alerts in your area.

Our Values

At ZHH, everything we do is guided by 3 key principles that serve as the foundation for our decisions, actions and communication:
We Deliver
Quality and reliability in client service is paramount. We don't just talk about your problems, we roll up our sleeves and solve them.
Our business runs on the trust that we build with our clients and key stakeholders including health departments and regulators. We will always be honest and forthright.
Safety is our first concern. Our actions and recommendations have an impact on the health and well-being of our clients and their customer  
A few of our wonderful clients:

We're all ears (& eyes... & keyboards)

Drop us a line or give us a call and we'll help you map out your response strategy – before you need it.