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Whether you have a growing hospitality group or a major nationwide concept, it’s imperative that you protect your reputation and brand loyalty from illness, outbreaks, and other health crises.

Zero Hour Health’s team of advisors will help you prevent and manage your risk so your team can focus on growing the business.

Advisory from the most knowledgeable industry experts, 24/7/365.

Whether it’s navigating a foodborne illness outbreak, receiving guidance on best practices with your local health department, or general questions about your employees’ health, we’re here to keep you, your staff, and your business safe.
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Detecting and preventing illnesses, before they go public.

The best way to stop a crisis is to prevent it from becoming one in the first place. We’ll help you create a culture of safe working, detect problematic illnesses before they spread, and, most importantly, keep your business out of the news.
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Protecting the most important asset in your businesses: your brand.

An outbreak is one of the few crises that can permanently damage a brand. From local news, to the nightly news, to the trading floors, your reputation is the foundation of your business and its value. Protecting that asset is a top priority.
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Screening and assisting the hiring process for at-risk positions.

Whether you need to do physical examinations to ensure a prospective employee can do the job, or your industry regulations call for a battery of exams, we streamline this process and handle it for every step of the way. Save time, hire quicker, and protect yourself against workers' comp claims.
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A suite of services to support every aspect of your operations.

This is just a core breakdown of the main services we provide to our clients. We build highly customized solutions to support any need you have.


ZHH Pro is our standard, concierge advisory service. We tailor our support to solve your most pressing needs, whether you've got 6 locations or 600 locations. We can provide 24/7/365, high-level clinical support to keep your business running.
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Wellness Checks

The single best way to prevent illness in the workplace is to prevent sick employees from showing up in the first place. ZHH Wellness Checks are the best solution to identify and assess potentially sick employees.
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Vaccination Programs

From Flu to Hep A, vaccinations are a vital part of keeping your workforce healthy. We help businesses identify employee immunization history, track their records, and facilitate vaccinations both on-site and off.
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Exams & Regulatory Testing

Ensure that potential employees are fit to perform their roles safely and effectively using our industry-best pre-employment programs. We help employers maintain compliance with stringent industry standards and regulations without adding friction to the hiring process.
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April 12, 2024
Noro, measles and bird flu...yikes!

Health News:

  • The US could lose its elimination status as measles cases continue to rise. Nearly all cases are in those who have recently traveled outside of the US or were around someone who did. (CIDRAP)
  • Bird flu is pushing US dairy farmers to chop down trees and ban visitors to reduce the risk of spread from birds and to humans. (Reuters)
  • Some good news about the bird flu: it doesn’t seem to spread well via the air, which is most dangerous for humans. (NPR)
  • Avian flu was detected in a herd in South Dakota, a day after it was found in North Carolina. (CIDRAP)
  • The CDC is expected to warn about counterfeit Botox, which has hospitalized at least four people in multiple states. (NBC) 
  • Nearly 1 in 4 people who were kicked off of Medicaid are now uninsured. (KFF Health News)
  • Labcorp’s at-home mpox PCR test was approved for emergency use by the FDA. (CIDRAP)
  • A chlamydia vaccine is showing promise in early clinical trials. There are over 1.6 million cases in the US. (NBC)
  • Bernie Sanders is calling for a billion dollar long-COVID moonshot program. (STAT)
  • Repeat COVID testing may be a better strategy than quarantine after exposure, a daycare study from Germany has found. (CIDRAP)

Mental Health & Substance Use News:

  • Anxiety is the biggest concern among employees seeking mental health services. (Fox Business)
  • Washington, D.C. is having its worst year yet for opioid overdose deaths, surpassing 500 already. (Washington Post)

If you or someone you know may be considering suicide or need help, call 988 or message the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741. 

Best Questions:

Can pets get bird flu? 

Yes, pets can get the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI or bird flu), especially if they have direct contact with an infected bird or other animal. In fact, a cat on the same dairy farm as the infected person in Texas also tested positive for HPAI. Lots of wild mammals are infected, most after direct contact with sick birds or their waste. Infections have been found in pet cats in Germany, South Korea, Thailand, and Poland, as well as in dogs in Canada and Italy. An infection in your average pet is unlikely, but if your pet spends time outdoors and hunts, eats, or sniffs around at dead wild animals - from birds to small mammals - they may be at higher risk. If your pet does get infected, their chance of passing bird flu on to your family is low, but it is possible. In 2016, a person in NYC was infected by their pet cat. If your furry friend shows signs of illness, including pink eye, respiratory, or neurological issues, contact your vet. 

Sources: CDC, Forbes

What can we be doing to get norovirus under control? It’s putting a lot of our employees out!

We’re still seeing very high rates of stomach viruses, especially norovirus, in our clients’ businesses around the country. The best thing you can do to prevent an outbreak is to emphasize the importance of staying home when sick with vomiting or diarrhea and for 48 hours after it ends. We’ve seen a lot of people returning to work too soon because they feel better, but they don’t understand just how infectious they are in the days just after their symptoms end. Our best advice if you have a few cases of stomach illnesses is to switch to daily wellness checks rather than rely on employees to call out sick if they think they should. This helps catch noro-like symptoms early and keeps people out of work for 48 hours if they had noro symptoms on their day off but feel better today. 

Sources: ZHH, CDC

Are migrants driving the rise in measles cases in the US? 

There’s an emerging narrative as measles cases rise in the US that it’s related to undocumented immigrants entering the U.S., but the reality of the situation is much more nuanced. Nearly all cases of measles in the U.S. right now are imported from other countries and then spread within unvaccinated pockets of communities. But the Americas are very well vaccinated - Mexico has a higher vaccination rate than the U.S.! The top source-countries for imported measles cases in 2019 (our last really bad year) were the Philippines, Ukraine, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam. This year, measles outbreaks are particularly bad in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Yemen, India, and Iraq. And as YLE points out, the recent outbreak in a Chicago migrant shelter didn’t actually start at the shelter - it just spread to a kid who was staying there and then spread more rapidly because fewer people there were vaccinated. Travel is a key part of the spread of measles to the U.S., but immigration isn’t at all the full story. Be sure to get vaccinated and get your kids vaccinated if you plan to travel outside the U.S. this year! 

Sources: MMWR, YLE, AP

Best Read:

ChatGPT may help combat vaccine hesitancy | CIDRAP

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