Vaccination + Testing Tracking Is Here!

We've built a system from the ground up to do simple vaccination + testing tracking for your business. Easy to use for both employees and managers.

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Your business health solution.

Zero Hour Health is a team of public health professionals, epidemiologists, and clinicians, ready around the clock to help keep your business open, healthy, and safe!  

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What We Do

Health Crisis Prevention + Management
For Modern Businesses

We help you respond to employee, customer, and community health issues that impact your business, before they become a crisis. 

For more than 30 years, Zero Hour Health has helped clients effectively navigate illnesses and outbreaks, countless employee and community health issues that impact their reputations and their bottom line.


On-Demand Clinical Expertise for
Businesses of Every Size

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ZHH Pro is our enterprise-level service, providing 24/7 support for any problem your company may face. You can think of us sort of like an adjunct medical director; we’re a true member of your team. Whether it’s navigating a foodborne illness outbreak, receiving guidance on best practices with your local health department, or general questions about your employees’ health, we’re here to keep you, your staff and your business safe.
Need support responding to a health department at 4:30pm on a Friday? Mask mandates lifted and need help writing your new employee policy? We’ll help you handle whatever health crisis is thrown your way.
This is our premier service-level, tailored for large and rapidly growing organizations.
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With Zedic, you get access to trained clinical professionals without the long waits or help desk. Powered by our mobile app, operators can chat with our health professionals in real-time, whenever you need us, at a fraction of the cost of our enterprise offering, a lawyer's consultation, or a full time expert on staff.
Expressly built for small and growing businesses, Zedic makes all the knowledge and resources of ZHH available at a price that's perfect for your team. Powered by our Zedic app, operators can chat with our clinical pros in real-time whenever you need us.
Learn More About Zedic


We Offer A Suite Of Solutions for Managing
COVID-19 In Your Workforce

Along with out primary services, we offer a whole slate of add-ons for both COVID and non-COVID workplace needs. Check out our COVID-19 offerings that are used by hundreds of companies serving hundreds of thousands of employees every day.
An example conversation from Employee Wellness Checks
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Employee Wellness Checks
No more pass/fail POS questions or Google Forms to fill out. Our Employee Wellness Check program is the only COVID-19 service staffed by real clinical professionals.

When your employees fail our daily wellness check, they're immediately connected with a member of our clinical team to discuss their situation.

No more incorrect exclusions or managers trying to guess whether it's COVID or not! Ensure sick employees don't work and safe ones don't miss a shift.
Learn More About Wellness Checks
Vaccination Tracking Logo - It looks like a radar tracking screen.
Vaccination Tracking
When it’s your job to support the health and safety of your workforce, being able to track the status of employee immunizations can make a significant difference.

ZHH’s Vaccine Tracking allows you to keep your teams working with an easy-to-use, secure solution that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Learn More About Vaccine Tracking
Example of vaccination tracking. Rows of employees with vital info and their vaccination status.
An example conversation from vaccine chat line.
Vaccine Chat Logo
Vaccine Chat Line
We know your employees are asking you tough questions every day ranging from COVID vaccine side effects to whether the vaccine, itself, is safe.

We heard you and created a solution with the goal of providing accurate, timely information to your workforce.

Our COVID Vaccine Chat Line is an anonymous text message chat service, staffed by trained, clinical pros.
Learn More About Vaccine Chat Line


ZHH’s Employee Health Products Meet The Diverse Demands of Your Organization

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Flu Shot
For more than 20 years, we have been one of the premier corporate flu shot providers in the U.S. We help guide your organization through all of the steps needs to budget, plan, and implement a flu shot program.

If you want to hear about the incredible ROI of a flu shot program as part of your overall employee wellness initiatives, just schedule a chat with us!
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Onsite Vaccination & Testing
Whether you're a food and beverage operation with a Hepatitis A outbreak, a corporate office looking to do COVID booster vaccinations, or you have some unique regulatory or environmental need, we can provide you a turnkey solution.
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COVID is going to be part of our businesses for years to come. Between reaching 100% vaccination rates, and the likely booster shots we'll all need (maybe even annually!), everyone will need to be administering and tracking COVID vaccinations.

Much like flu, we have turnkey solutions to help you establish, monitor, and advocate for your COVID vaccination program.


Zero Hour Health Has Been A Public Health Leader For More Than 30 Years

Zero Hour Health is trusted by some of the biggest names in the businesses. From large scale catering, to nationwide quick serv, from global production companies to the hospitality industry, we've handled every health issue you could imagine (and maybe some you haven’t!).

We’re here to help you navigate them.

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