Simple Vaccination + Testing Tracking For Your Workforce

Track the status of your employees, stay in compliance, and free up your managers' time to do their real jobs!

What To Expect From The OSHA Vaccination Guidelines
In September, the White House announced that OSHA would be issuing an emergency temporary standard (ETS) requiring non-vaccinated employees to be regularly tested in order to work. The goal of this was two-fold: 1. to create friction and thus encourage workers to simply get vaccinated, and 2. to institute a regular testing regimen for the non-vaccinated and thus catch sick employees before they can infect each other and your customers.
The open questions are around which companies will need to comply, how frequent the testing must be, and how you will track compliance. That's where we come in!
What Makes A Good Tracking Program?
Seamlessly links weekly testing + vaccine cards
If you can verify an employee’s vaccine, you don’t need to test them. And in time, every tested employee will hopefully move into the vaccinated category.
Fully web-browser based.
No new apps to download, no accounts to create, simple to use and frictionless.
Options for Manager or Employee Access
Some orgs want each employee to enter their own vaccine info, others want managers to do it for them. We allow for both options.
Makes The Data Useful
We've got easy to use dashboards, no training required, so managers have all the info they need for staffing, and nothing they don't.
How Our Tracking System Works
Step 1: Employees login to the tracking portal
Employees are presented with both options in one place, so you don’t have to distribute different links based on their status.
Step 2: Upload a vaccine card or weekly COVID test result.
Employees quickly and easily upload the details of their vaccination or test, as well as visual proof, from any device in just seconds!

No apps to download or install, everything works right in the browser on any phone, tablet, or computer!
Step 3: Easy access to employee data
We've got easy to user, no-training required dashboards for single and multi-location managers to identify employee statuses at a glance.

Easily see exactly who's eligible to work, who needs to get tested again, and who is fully vaccinated so you don't have to worry about them anymore.
Step 4: Get the data however you need it!
We can give you your data anyway you need it. We can provide a sophisticated, powerful org-wide dashboard, send daily data dumps, or connect your HRIS API. However you need the data, we've got you!
Ready to talk tracking for your employees?
We can help put together a solution customized to your business, your employees, and your information systems.

We can launch in as little 3 days and get your team compliant in no-time!