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How Restaurants Can Prepare For A Coronavirus Pandemic
Restaurant Business
As virus fears grip the country, experts stress planning and good food safety practices to reduce risk.
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Coronavirus outbreak means Costco shoppers can say goodbye to free samples
FOX Business
Costco's decision comes after Trader Joe's changed how its employees distribute food samples.
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Gig economy workers say they'll have to work through the coronavirus outbreak even if they get sick: "We can't risk losing a day's income"
Business insider
Restaurant employees are taking to Twitter to talk about how their lack of sick days may contribute to the spread of coronavirus.
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What to Buy if You're Concerned About the Coronavirus
You’ve seen the pictures of the wiped-out grocery stores and heard nightmare tales from your local warehouse clubs. Everyone seems to be stocking up on, well, everything, as they anticipate quarantines in the United States. And maybe you know better than to pay triple the price for a bottle of hand sanitizer online, or a box of masks you don’t even need. But what should you stock up on as we wait to see the full effect of the outbreak?
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Coronavirus prompts Trader Joe's to change food sample policy
Fox Business
A memo tells employees to plate samples for customers individually instead of keeping pre-plated samples on a platter, according to reports. Employees were also told to serve all samples with a utensil and to hand customers cups when they want to sample coffee, instead of keeping a stack for shopper...
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Chipotle pays nurses to distinguish hangover from contagious illness
Fox Business
If you called out sick at Chipotle, the burrito chain wants to know whether it was a hangover or something contagious. It has nurses on call who can distinguish between the two.
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Surviving The Sick Office
Jennifer Barrett Ozols spoke with Roslyn Stone, chief operating officer of Corporate Wellness Inc., and chairman of the workplace flu prevention group at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about how to lessen your chances of catching a virus at work.
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Coronavirus headlines worry employers and workers, but health experts seek to dispel fears
Restaurant Hospitality
Restaurants face greater risk from flu, norovirus or Hepatitis A and the tools for prevention should already be in practice.
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The 20/20 on 2020: Restaurant Experts Weigh In
modern restaurant management
Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders and experts for their insights on what will impact restaurants in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. They touched on topics such as delivery, ghost (dark) kitchens, automation, plant-based menu items, food waste, sustainability, staffing and retention and more.
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The Changing Landscape of a Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response
Food Safety Tech
Recent high-profile foodborne illness outbreaks appear to have an enduring impact for the entire industry – from when and how health departments respond to alleged illness to how a single tweet wreaks havoc. The bar for when a comprehensive response is required is lower and the extent and nature of the required response has changed.
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Corporate Wellness Is Now Zero Hour Health
PR Newswire
Corporate Wellness, Inc. (CWI), the industry leader in health crisis prevention and management, is adding a new layer to its business portfolio in Zero Hour Health (ZHH). Corporate Wellness, Inc. (CWI)  will live on as the parent company to Zero Hour, as the organization expands to include more services across a wider range of businesses. For all previous clients and vendors, Zero Hour Health will be the entity they interact with.
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