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ZHH In The News

Chipotle pays nurses to distinguish hangover from contagious illness
Fox Business
If you called out sick at Chipotle, the burrito chain wants to know whether it was a hangover or something contagious. It has nurses on call who can distinguish between the two.
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Surviving The Sick Office
Jennifer Barrett Ozols spoke with Roslyn Stone, chief operating officer of Corporate Wellness Inc., and chairman of the workplace flu prevention group at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about how to lessen your chances of catching a virus at work.
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The Changing Landscape of a Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response
Food Safety Tech
Recent high-profile foodborne illness outbreaks appear to have an enduring impact for the entire industry – from when and how health departments respond to alleged illness to how a single tweet wreaks havoc. The bar for when a comprehensive response is required is lower and the extent and nature of the required response has changed.
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Corporate Wellness Is Now Zero Hour Health
PR Newswire
Corporate Wellness, Inc. (CWI), the industry leader in health crisis prevention and management, is adding a new layer to its business portfolio in Zero Hour Health (ZHH). Corporate Wellness, Inc. (CWI)  will live on as the parent company to Zero Hour, as the organization expands to include more services across a wider range of businesses. For all previous clients and vendors, Zero Hour Health will be the entity they interact with.
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