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Crisis management is a delicate balance.

The best way to avoid a crisis is to prevent it altogether with pre-planning, best practices, and education, but you can never be 100% secure.
It's paramount to balance rapid response, transparency, and swift implementation of action plans.
Our partners have helped clients effectively navigate foodborne illness outbreaks, violent episodes, employee health issues, workforce problems, and countless other crises.

It’s no longer a matter of


it's a matter of


Are you truly prepared to handle unexpected issues when they arise?  Do your managers know who to call and what to do when a serious incident occurs, often on nights or weekends?
How businesses respond and act under pressure from a crisis usually defines the business impact more than the facts of the issue itself.  Zero Hour Health delivers crisis readiness assessments, crisis prevention strategies, employee and customer health programs, liaisons with health departments, and media and communications assistance. We provide decades of hands-on experience to ensure you are ready to navigate the most challenging issues you face.
From managing clinical response to directly managing national and local media and working behind the scenes to help you make the right decisions under pressure, we bring decades of practical experience to help you minimize damage to the business and brands.

No matter the challenge,
we can help.

We handle a wide range of crisis management duties. These are just a few of the primary services we handle for our clients. But if you have a unique challenge, we have probably dealt with something like.
Crisis Prevention
Providing real time information on risks and  outbreaks and creating a focus on food safety and employee health
Clinical Crisis Management
Accurate diagnoses, screening, health department communication and good information
On-site and offsite Clinical Services
Boots on the ground for screening, vaccinations and laboratory testing anywhere in the US (and usually within four hours)
Employee & Guest Illness Assessment & Support
Employee and Guess Illness Assessment and Support – Rapid assessment and assistance with employee and guest reports of illness
Health Inspection Management
(including third party audits) – Rapid review and scoring of health inspections accessible via our app.
Critical Incident Debriefing
Insuring lessons learned from each event are applied across your  organization
Business Continuity Planning
Crisis plan development or review;  tabletop exercises to ensure effectiveness
24/7 Medical Guidance and Direction
Medical support, information, physicians’ orders  and medical directors in all 50 states round the clock

The ZHH Crisis App

We've built a top-notch smartphone app for both iOS and android devices that puts all the tools you need at your finger tips - 24/7.
Access the full ZHH knowledge-base & important documents, report issues, and follow health alerts in your area.
The app is fully customizable and specific to each client's unique needs, documents, and data.
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